Given the popularity of Applebee’s Neighborhood Drinks of the Month, we wanted exploit that and really go in on Halloween. We created an 8-hour Facebook live stream event that gave our fans the opportunity to solve some riddles, win some prizes and have some fun. One lucky person even walked away from their keyboard with $10,000 dollars


We teased out the live stream by raising awareness on TV. Our teaser trailer aired during the Walking Dead season premiere giving everyone the date of our livestream contest.

Paying homage to the drink’s namesake, the 8-hour livestream featured hourly riddles that played into the Halloween theme. At the beginning of each hour, we’d drop a riddle and let our fans guess throughout the hour while we gave clues to the riddle in case they got stuck. To keep things interesting, we peppered in some fun easter eggs and bonus riddles. The grand prize riddle at the end allowed one fan to walk off $10,000 richer.

With the success of the Dollar Zombie livestream, we kept the fun going until Christmas with Jolly Town, a livestream that celebrated the December Drink of the Month, the Dollar Jolly.


Agency: Grey
Group Creative Director: Lance Parrish
Creative Directors: Katherine O’Brien, Jackie Blaze
Art Director: Jessica Kesner
Copywriters: Grady Linnihan, Ry Radermacher